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Friday, February 10, 2012 • 3:19 PM • 0 Buah Tangan

Exam, thank God, my exam is over, The phobia of exam is such that, every day as soon as the paper is finished .  how was your exam,,,,,how much you will get, was  everything fine in the paper . I was wondering, actually when we are in the process of growing up, what we learn about success, is that we always must excel in our studies. We must always work hard in order to achieve it, right? We need to work long and hard get good grades, in order to get high-paying job. Now that thought has become so engrained in our materialistic society that if any one try to think a different path or think out of the box, his or her path is always viewed as failures. If we didn't get good grades in school, we were reprimanded by your teachers and parents, and even made fun of by your peers. Even worse, we are prevented from moving into a higher grade. If we didn't get into college, our parents were disappointed and our friends felt sorry for us. If we haven't gotten a medium to high-paying job at a reputable company with a prestigious title, it can be almost shameful. When we see someone, who has lost their job, or who, although qualified, has been unable to find a "decent" job. What kind of emotions does a person in this situation usually feel? Fear? Like a failure? Resentment? Shame? Yes. These are all emotions that many feel if they do not fit in to society's definition of success.

hehe , ngade dok aku speaking ? ngade kan ? yeah aku tahu . saje je :)
improve siket . ke guane ? haha :D okay stop speaking already kayy . yeah ! aku dah habis tov tapi still waitin for result :) hmm , hope gila get colourful result nd better than past .amin ya rabbil alamin ! aku target yg (y) tapi Allah swt yang tn2kan seme nyee . . yesterday, exam sub LK . YA ALLAH ! susah nyee soklan lk. argh, ape yg aku nk bt nge LK . ase mcm FAIL je :( k laa , that ol for today :|

The Hijabi Girl~
Lap kaki dulu sebelum masuk!
Assalamualaikum WizardsLove! Nama yang parents aku bagi panjang.tetapi apabila diringkaskan menjadi 'MIMIE'.So call me maybe.17 teen.proud to be Malaysian girl xx ;) and i'm bb' user.Do follow my twitter and blog aku yang tak seberapa nie okay.Heart ? keep telling i'm single but not avaiblable ♥ Thanks xoxo D!

Selamat Hari Raya 2012

One BIG family.Not really big but enough to say 'cheersss'


Hati saya telah di kidnapped
cinta tidak boleh ditukar ganti macam 'spender'

Here me again. this is real me :) i love wearing hijabi.All i do just for the sake of Allah swt.Ameen ;).Alhamdulillah saya sudah melaksanakn satu kewajipab yang wajib di ikuti dalam Islam.
In Shaa الله Bakal Imamku AMINIKHWAN
He's my prince and also my loveboo.Dear Girls, back off please :3

Assalamualaikum wbt and salam sejahtera for non muslims :) I don't care what people say, i'm in love with you.Dia jaga saya, saya jaga dia.menuju ke jalan yang diredhai الله swt.Harap dia lah yang menjadi cinta yang halal dunia akhirat buat saya.Saya bukanlah secantik sebaik sesuci selembut Siti Khadijah tetapi saya cuba untuk menjadi baik kepada dia dan semua orang and especially for my love ones ALLAH SWT TAALA! :)